Why South Sea Pearls are Special?

south sea pearls black opals

When it is about buying gemstones, we all will think about a diamond or emerald. However, there is an unique gemstone that is not crystalline, but found in rocks of limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl and basalt – Opals. Click here to view an exquisite selection of black opals pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Flashing different colours in different directions, these stones possess a property called, opalescence, which contributes greater to its incredible beauty. Considered as the national gemstone of Australia, these gems can be almost any colour. Though, black opals, also known as Harlequin Prince, is the most valuable piece that come with a royalty.

Another jewellery consideration is pearls. With its mesmerising beauty, these gemstones have captivated the admiration of all. While it require a list of procedures to reveal the sparkling beauty of diamonds and other gem stones, pearls come straight out of the mollusc with its stunning appeal. If you have been searching for the most expensive and unique gem of all, south sea pearls will be an excellent option.

Why this gem produced only by Pinctada maxima mollusk is so special? Because of its distinctive features. Coming from the warm waters, this beautiful pearl possess a satiny lustre and glow. Moreover, you can even find different shade options such as white, silver and golden, which is quite rare.

Not just choosing a right gemstone, but matching it with a high quality setting is also of high significance Whether you are planning to buy an opal or pearl, make it a point to familiarise yourself with the gem stone properties.

Don’t hesitate to seek the guidance and assistance of any gem expert while making a purchase. If you have been searching for an online jeweller, get in touch with Johnston Opals by visiting the link http://www.johnstonopals.com.au/



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