Opals in Australia fascinate majority of shoppers

Walk into a jewellery shop in your neighborhood. Be fascinated to find the many pieces of opals in Australia that attract one and all. The reason – these attractive and stunning stones often confuse the shoppers as most of them look similar. Opals in Australia include from boulder to doublet types as well as triplets and even a majority of these stones comprise milky light stone, dark green and blue colored stones.

For instance, Australian opal is regarded as the best in the world as most of the opal supply comes from this country. In fact, it is a good place to start rather than asking.

If you are interested in the jewellery, you can use these stones in earrings or necklaces. Hence, they address the concerns of large majority of people as these jewellery stones are considered to be expensive and rare to find.

It’s next to impossible to even search the tiniest pieces of the opals. Among the three types of opal pieces include solids that are one piece of natural opal stone, doublet opals that consist of two pieces and three pieces triplets.

In fact, doublet opals are a single piece of real opal. They are a thin layer of real opal and aren’t as expensive compared to triplets.

On the other hand, opal pendants are found globally. These stones are perhaps the only rock and stone that can be transformed by jewelers so that they can make them from rock to jewellery pieces. Many types of opal pendants include solid, doublet, mosaic and black.


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