Expensive Opals in Australia for wedding or engagement

What will be the feeling like when you wear all rainbow colors in your fingers or chain? Yes, I am talking about Opals. They are most precious and rare stones in the world, which have all seven rainbow colors in them. If you are a tourist make sure to buy opals in Australia because it is the largest source of opals and opal jewelries. There are many retailers who have included opals in their boutique of various accessories. These shops have opal pendants, earrings, rings and pendants with doublet opals, which are simple yet stunning.

If you are planning to gift your partner an exquisite and expensive gift on your wedding, then I would suggest you go for beautiful and enthralling opal pendants. I am very sure she will be surprised and happy to receive such a beautiful gift. These gem stones look very beautiful and royal; they complement your entire look and make you feel special.

Many people from around the world come to Melbourne, to buy these gem stones especially for their wedding or engagement. Opals have a characteristic of color changing; look at your opal pendants from different angles and you will get to see the stones changing colors one after another. This distinct feature of changing color is known as opalescence.

When you plan to buy opals you can either go for doublet opals or triplet opals. Now you must be wondering what are doublet or triplet opals. Doublet opals are composed of two layers or opals, which look dazzling in earrings and opal pendants. The next time you shop for a perfect wedding gift, buy your beloved a pair of opal earrings and present her a memory to be remembered for years.


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