Get a unique jewelry design for the women you love

Buying a pair of new clothes, a piece of jewelry always sounds exciting, especially when you exactly know what to look for. However, if you don’t, then fret not it’s not a crime after all. Although there are numerous firms around that makes a point in offering a range of bangles, bracelets, black opals, earings, cufflinks and lots more.

Anyways, now this post explores several ways in order to get the unique and innovative jewelry design for the women you love, have a look!

Silver is in-vogue, I know we all are taught to go for gold. But because of gold prices running so high these days, it is quite easy to opt for products that are unique and less preferred. Besides silver, give south sea pearls a try. Pearls are mainly available in three kinds, natural, cultured and imitation, each one of a kind. Go through their advantages and disadvantages respectively, and then choose wisely.

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How to choose the jewellery that is a perfect match for your skin tone

Jewels are a girl’s best friend. If a girl says not to buy a birthday present that means get me a birthday present and make sure it’s jewellery. Jewellery has been worn for centuries as one of the means of enhancing our outer appearance and status.

BLACK OPALLuckily today we have a wide range of styles, designs, and materials to choose from such as diamonds, ruby, sapphire, black opals, emerald and many more. However you can opt for many renowned firms such as Johnston Opals which provides one of the largest collections of Australian opals in loose, rough, and cut specimens.

Now having numerous options around it is very important for you to buy the right jewellery that is apt for your face and skin tone. Down below I would like to throw some light on certain factors that might affect your choice.

  • First, determine your skin tone. Skin tone may fall into one of the two categories, cool or warm. Skin tones can be identified by locating an area on your body from where your veins are clearly visible usually the wrist serves as a good reference point.
  • However cool skin tones are identified by bluish coloured veins. People with cooler skin tones may notice pinkish or rosy red undertones while looking in the mirror. While warm skin tones have greenish coloured veins. While looking at the mirror you may notice yellow or golden undertones.
  • Second, pick a metal and complementary colour, Cool skin tones favours metals such as silver, platinum, and white gold while warm tones favour gold, brass and copper. For complementary colours cool skin tones favours stones such as south sea pearls, white pearls, and diamonds. Stone colour should be more on pinks, purples, blues, reds, etc. While warm skin tones favour stones such as coral, golden toned pearls. Stone colour should focus on browns, oranges, greens, yellows, peaches, etc.

To conclude,

These are a couple of tips that will guide you in choosing the right jewellery according your skin tone. Visit: to know more.

How to get your hands on high quality opals?

Are you going to purchase opals for yourself or for gifting purposes? Whatever the need may be, it is essential that you choose the best and only high quality opals. Johnston opals is one of the best places, from where you can select doublet opals and an array of similar products matching your requirements. Here is a low down for taking an informed decision in this direction:

  • Research all that you can about the various types of opals that you can buy. There are many suppliers who dupe customers by selling low-grade products. A research will help your case and prevent you from buying something of inferior quality. If you have something in mind, such as black opals, then do more research on that particular topic.
  • Compare the prices before making the purchase. There are endless online shops from where you can purchase them. Now what happens is that you can get the same thing at different rates. This is where you need to compare the prices without compromising on the quality aspect of course, and then take an informed decision.
  • Select the best product whether you are buying opals or opal jewellery. To know which is the best choice, flip through various magazines or other websites. I am sure you will definitely find a cue from them.

So, follow these points and you can surely get the best opals to meet your requirements. Visit – to place your order!


Why South Sea Pearls are Special?

south sea pearls black opalsWhen it is about buying gemstones, we all will think about a diamond or emerald. However, there is an unique gemstone that is not crystalline, but found in rocks of limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl and basalt – Opals. Click here to view an exquisite selection of black opals pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Flashing different colours in different directions, these stones possess a property called, opalescence, which contributes greater to its incredible beauty. Considered as the national gemstone of Australia, these gems can be almost any colour. Though, black opals, also known as Harlequin Prince, is the most valuable piece that come with a royalty.

Another jewellery consideration is pearls. With its mesmerising beauty, these gemstones have captivated the admiration of all. While it require a list of procedures to reveal the sparkling beauty of diamonds and other gem stones, pearls come straight out of the mollusc with its stunning appeal. If you have been searching for the most expensive and unique gem of all, south sea pearls will be an excellent option.

Why this gem produced only by Pinctada maxima mollusk is so special? Because of its distinctive features. Coming from the warm waters, this beautiful pearl possess a satiny lustre and glow. Moreover, you can even find different shade options such as white, silver and golden, which is quite rare.

Not just choosing a right gemstone, but matching it with a high quality setting is also of high significance Whether you are planning to buy an opal or pearl, make it a point to familiarise yourself with the gem stone properties.

Don’t hesitate to seek the guidance and assistance of any gem expert while making a purchase. If you have been searching for an online jeweller, get in touch with Johnston Opals by visiting the link


3 tips to keep your opal jewellery looking as good as new

peear7Opals are one of the most precious stones that are used in various jewelery. However, they are also quite delicate and as such, if you own jewelery with opal in them, you need to take care of them so that they last for years looking the same. Here are some of the tips to make the best of your opals:

peear5peear6• Get them from a reputed store: the very first tip is to purchase them only from a reputed seller. It is always better to pay some extra bucks and get high quality opal from stores such as Johnston Opals, which is known for its perfection in the trade. You can also ask friends and family who have knowledge of jewelery to suggest you a credible store.

• Sunlight is a big no-no: Keep your opals away from the harsh rays of the sun. Even if you have the finest opals in Australia, it can cause them to dry and lose their initial appearance. Hence, make it a point to check that your opals are not lying anywhere in the direct sunlight.

• Store them away from dirt and dust: Opals are delicate things and hence, you need to go that extra mile to maintain them properly. You can store them in your dresser neatly sealing individual pieces in different plastic ziplock pouches and keeping them in a closed box. Also, don’t forget to add some tissues or cotton to absorb any extra moisture.

These are some of the tips to make the best of your precious opals and the same pointers are valid when it comes to south sea pearls as well. To get the best collection of opal, go through this link-


What to Look for When Buying Exquisite Opals in Australia?

For the past hundreds and thousands of years opals are considered as numinous valuable stones that are exclusively found in Australia. This continent sees the most number of tourists every year who are willing to spend lavishly on various unique and extraordinary things like south sea pearls that make this place stand different from that of others. Same is the case with opals in Australia they are rare to be found gemstones, a secret desire of every woman. These stones are luminous and eye-pleasing and are found in four different forms like white, black, boulder and crystal. Among all of them black opals are considered as the most stunning and mystifying.

Opals in Australia symbolize desire and luxury; when you buy them you own the most expensive and dazzling stones in your collection of jewels. These glittering and shimmering range of stones popular for their unique feature they carry. There are few things to remember that you should not miss out to look for when buying soft, lustrous and radiant black opals.

· Color: When buying opals the first thing you should do is decide the color that you want to go with; whether you choose black or white or crystal make sure to look if t eh color is saturated or not, if it is then the value of these stones is higher and extremely worth investing money on.

· Clarity: On buying crystal opals you can see for the clarity in its quality and cut and shape of the opal. Remember the stone to be precious and luminous it has been free of blemishes and flaws. With a beautiful visual appearance the stone definitely takes full marks in the clarity department.

· Transparency: You can test the transparency of opals in Australia by enjoying a visual treat of the same. When you take a look at these stones from all sides you will be able to see all seven rainbow colors.

· Shape: Most people don’t are very keen on the shape of black opals whether in earrings or rings or pendants. Un-cut as well as oval and round opals are quite in trend these days. In fact south sea pearls for that matter are quite popular for their natural round shape.

· Cut: Opals are usually preferred in its originals form, which is un-cut and look shimmering that way. But as per people’s choice these stones are cut to blend with jewels from earrings to rings to pendants and necklaces.

Whether you buy south sea pearls or opals from web stores or from deals make sure you look for accreditation certificate. Don’t forget to get your part of research done excellently so that you don’t get cheated. Remember to look for those specific features and you are sure to get complete value for your investment.

8 Must Know Tips While Buying Opals In Australia

Buying opals in Australia will be a daunting task, unless you are an expert. What all things you need to consider while planning to buy this incredibly appealing gemstone? Read the following points that may help you in making a right pick, no matter whether it is opal or south sea pearls.

1. Educate yourself: Do you know what doublet opals mean? What all those factors that determine the quality of these gemstones? What are the different types of opal? Ask these questions to yourself. If you can’t find any answers, it is good to start educating yourself about these precious stones.

2. Right from the definition of opals, south sea pearls to its quality check and everything in between, you may find all the necessary information through online pages.

3. Types of opals: Just like the way, there are various gemstones, you can also find different opals, that vary in colours and shine. Black opals, being considered as the rarest one is one of the most precious options that you may get for your loved ones. Other types include boulder, white and crystal opals.

4. Selection: Decide which type of opal you would like to have. Are you planning to gift doublet opals to your dear one or is it for yourself? If it is for you, then go for the stone that matches with your personality and the one that appeal to your taste.

5. Jewellery: Buying opals in Australia will be complete only if you know what you are going to use it with it. To enhance the beauty of this precious stone, you should get it studded to any jewellery item.

6. Brilliance and colour: While you are buying white or black opals, look for its brilliance factor. The brightest can be the best, but that doesn’t mean subdued are not good. They can be equally amazing.

7. Cracks or faults: Never buy the doublet opal or any other gemstone with cracks or faults as it will be worthless, no matter how much you pay for it.

8. Certificates: Don’t forget to ask for the certificate of authenticity while buying opals in Australia. This would ensure the quality of the gemstone and ensure you are making the purchase from a reliable dealer.

Last but not the least, you may also think about buying black opals or south sea pearls from the online stores. However, you need to ensure the credibility and reputation of the online store before making a purchase.